Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beau's Brecon Becons Bonanza!

Beau the ultra runner
Hi All Meet Beau. Beau is a Springer Spaniel but this Springer has recently confessed to harbouring an ambition to run across the Brecon Beacons. He said that when he runs up there amongst the rounded moor like summits, with his ears flapping and the crunch of the early morning frost under his feet, watching the south Walian sun as it arks over head mapping out his journey west, knowing he is following in the footsteps of countless spaniels, weekend walkers not to mention special forces personnel, he feels free, he feels its what he was born to do…. Yes he is rather articulate for a spaniel, however he is immensely cockeyed!

So it has come to pass that beau will get his wish and traverse the Brecon beacons this year. His preparation has begun already, with regular training runs. The plan is to do the journey in ten to thirteen mile legs first and then this summer to link them in a single weekend. Beau will not be alone on his adventure he has enlisted the services of Welsh Adventures staff Tony Rees (me) and Adam Roberts (not me) as his support crew. We will be keeping you up dated on his progress in the coming months here on the blog and on the Welsh Adventures face book page so keep an eye out for the photos and videos to come.