Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A day out in Scotland

What’s that noise? That noise is people getting ready, can’t be we are getting up at 05:00 no one will be up before us…. What’s the time? 07:50 SHIT!!!

SI, on your feet! We slept in mate; I was laying on the alarm! You get your shit together ill get the feed on then we’ll swap leaving the van in 20 mins

Right o…. what’s the weather like

Pissing down

Grim…at least there wont be any cues

Kit sorted, feed had, walking in the rain through the woods, steep dark path, sack is too heavy, I’m not hill fit, another party coming up the path… in the rain? At this time in the morning?.. Their keen. Their fast, we’re slow.. And late. Perhaps we should have a rest day we did drive for 14 hours yesterday.

Get a grip, people have cycled further and climbed harder. You’ll curse it.

What’s up mate?

Iv lost a glove, I’m going back down the path to find it

This is daft, we’re not together. Late, rushed, kit missing… We don’t even know what route we are going to do! Leave you sac here bro..

No sign of the other two now, Christ we are slow. Looks like he has it, good work what’s the time? 08:46
Its raining pretty hard this must be affecting the snow pack, leaving the woods now, Jesus its windy, we should go back.

If everyone who thought that went back the world would be full of short walks.

Ankle is sore, tendonitis is playing up a lot, we should head back.

What route do you recon would be a go in this mate?

The one back to the van. Well our dreams of point five are out. We’ll have to stick to the ridges…. We are quite late and the weather is getting worse so maybe just head up and look at conditions and do something short like ledge route?

What’s that like?

Its fine, its short.. But good

This is stupid, not fit, late, massive tendonitis, it’s my partners first Scottish winter day out and here we are walking in to the Ben when everyone else is walking out!

Well we’re up now keep walking, at very worst you can head up and see conditions for yourself.

Lights are on at the CIC hut…

Hello… excuse me, have you had a weather forecast for today? Do you know if this “BLIZZARD” is going to get worse?

yea the wind will get stronger this afternoon, its not really snowing now this is mostly blown stuff coming off the top.

Thanks… I think we’re heading down anyway

Probably a good choice.

Can’t see a thing viz is already grim. Lets wonder up behind the hut and have a look at the snow.

Its bullet hard, good times.. There is the odd pocket of soft blown stuff but nothing to cry about, aaar but what time is it its probably really late, 11.00am not great but not bad either.

Which way is ledge route?

Over there you can’t see it though. We’ll head this way and see what’s happening towards point five area.

Don’t be silly there is a lot of snow accumulating above that route you know this, its one thing to bring him up here today but don’t chase medals not on a day like today.

Im just looking…We are not committed… Jesus that’s deep!

Accumulate snow.. God this viz is bad is that tower ridge or north east buttress….

Its tower you tit! Switch on!

I thought you said point five is a bad idea today?

It is, we are not going up there, there is to much loose stuff about, we’re going to look at tower ridge.

Tower ridge which one is that?

The really long one, which needs an early start and no faffing.

Ok sounds like us to a T.? is it hard?


Have you done it before?


Where does it go?

Follow those steps

It’s too late to start this route, my tendonitis is killing me! The forecast for the summit is 50mph plus this afternoon it’s dark by 16:30.....We’ll just have a look

Can I lead this first bit?

If you want have you done any mixed stuff before?

No just some ice in Canada with the marines.

Stick a runner in then

At least if he fall’s the decision is made for us, ill just drag him back to the CIC hut job done.

A bit tricky that.

Yea you did well, lets put the rope away for now.

He took to long lets turn back. Its late lets turn back, your tendonitis is hurting let’s turn back.

The going is easy for now lets have a look.

That’s a big shadow, must be little tower I think we go up the left..

You think? Not a good day for guessing check the book

It’s the left I’m sure just follow the easy ground.

We’ll get the rope out here..

Ok where does it go?

… Up left ish on the easy ground.

Are you sure about this, once you go above this your committed, you should be going down, tendonitis, late, weather?

This snow is perfect, the climbing is simple your moving fast.

That was awesome! Good effort not quite used to mixed climbing, probably best you keep leading everything
Great tower and the eastern traverse now. You better be up to this it’s your idea, it’s your fault you’re here.

Did you here that?


There was a large rumble to our left when you were leading that last bit?

Must be avalanche.

Good job we are not on point five. Can’t find much gear on this traverse. I have to find something for Si, its your idea to be here so sort it out, we should of turned back.

That’ll do.

That was scary mate where now?

Up this chimney and I’ll find a belay.

This snow is perfect! The climbing is awesome!

Cool head now you still have tower gap to do yet, do I send him first to keep the rope above him or shall I do it so a can coach him through to save time?

How was that?

Hard… good effort, can’t get use to using tools on rock… where does it go now?

We get back on the ridge now and then on to tower gap.

What’s that like?

It’s like a gap… I’m not sure we’ll have a look and see.

Christ it’s windy as hell gusting like mad. Better chuck a sling on this before I go and look.

Ill head down first and talk  you through mate.

This looks desperate!

It looks tricky, tricky but fine. There must be a sneaky hold for your foot?

There it is… he’ll be fine there is tat he can swing on.

There is sod all for the belay.. Get excavating son!

That’s it mate there is a good hold for your left foot, stick your axe through the tat… Tidy


Good effort!

Where does it go now?

Up this ramp and up.

That had better be the crux because we can’t turn around now. Listen to that wind! Goggles out. The summit is going to be epic!

Get your goggles on Si it’s a bit windy up there.

Get your map out, check the bearing. Head torch on for later, quick snack, drink. Right over the top. I cant see a thing not even my legs. Shit this was a bad idea!!!



Don’t cock this up not to far left or you’ll be down five finger gully, not to far right or you’ll be down number two gully. This wind is throwing me everywhere. Nice! The cairn, a foot and a half away this viz is mega bad.

Viz improving, wind easing job done. Piece of piss!   Back to the van for tea and medals.

Mate that was awesome!

Yea I can’t believe we didn’t see any one on the summit?!


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